What can I use my downloaded photograph for?

Photographs from this site are licenced for limited use – the licence can be read HERE. This means you may;

  • Print the photo to put in an album or on the wall
  • Share the photo on social media
  • Put the photo on a personal or club website

But may not

  • Use the photo in advertising
  • Put the photo on products you intend to sell*
  • Sell copies of the photo
  • Edit or alter the photo in any way

*if you wish to use the photo in a news story or for a printed program please CONTACT ME

If you wish to use a photo in a way not covered above please CONTACT ME so I can offer an extended licence.

How do I get my download?

Once you have completed your payment via Paypal you will return to the site and be asked to allow a couple of seconds for payment confirmation. The page will automatically refresh to the THANKS page where you will see the images ordered. Under the images you will see ORDER DETAILS followed by DIGITAL DOWNLOADS with a secure link – click the word “here” and you will be taken to the download page with a separate link next to each image. You will also receive an email taking you to the “THANKS” page.

Order fulfilment and post/packaging costs

Print orders up to A4 size are printed and fulfilled locally by me. With these, there is a flat post and packaging rate of £1.50. Any higher costs for instance for framed prints are included in the price of the item.
Print orders above this size and all other item types such as apparel, tech, etc are fulfilled by a large print company, where post and packaging will calculated on a per order basis by them.

How do I get a painting style print of my own house/pet/car etc

If you like the different painting styles but would like a subject personal to you please contact me for a QUOTE

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