Wet – very wet!

Ok I am going to kick off the blog proper with an appropriate starting point - the first pre season17/18 match I have attended for Pulse Chippenham.

The title really sums it up - it rained......a lot. Today (Wed 2/8) was easily the worst conditions I have ever shot in - ever dared shoot in. I wrapped the camera in freezer bags as my protective cover has not been delivered yet (silly me thinking order in July ready for Autumn plenty of time before the bad weather arrives) and got on with it. The conditions definitely presented a challenge not only having to contend with a camera that was wrapped so had less feel to the controls but rain on my glasses meant for the first part of the match I could not properly see what I was shooting at.

Still looking through the shots from the day I am quite happy - while the photographer could not see what she was doing the camera did its job and I got some nice captures.


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