Well, Saturday saw pre-season fire up and I was at the Oakfields stadium to shoot the Melksham v Swindon Town friendly. Although the break between the final cup games and the start of preseason is only a few weeks and despite the fact I have still been shooting lots of other things the game clearly demonstrated how quickly you can fall out of practice at specific sports photography. The fraction of a second in predicting what the ball and players are going to do the slightly slower reactions all impacted the shots. Then there was the standard overcompensation of taking way more shots than was strictly necessary all adding up to extra work post-processing. However, that was not the weird game shoot that was just a standard first match of the season shoot.

The weird game shoot was the one I stayed on with to shoot afterwards – the World cup quarter-final of England v Sweden. The game I barely saw at all because I was not shooting the football (obviously I am not in Russia lol) but I was shooting the people watching the football. It was a whole new area for me looking to catch the emotions and feelings of the audience while having to be cut off from the actual action and only be able to experience what was happening through what others were experiencing. It was fairly challenging conditions as there was a huge contrast between very bright light through windows to the much duller light inside. As an England fan, there was also a strange disconnect between myself and the game as I was concentrating on something different. A problem I have had in the past (and which I will no doubt continue to suffer in the future) when shooting actual games is becoming so caught up in what is happening on the pitch I forget to take pictures of it – may be the answer in future will be to turn away from the game and start shooting the audience instead.

It was overall a distinct experience – and one I am in two minds as to whether I want to repeat, although that may be because I was interested in the game and would have no problems with an audience to a game I was not especially interested in.


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