Confession time – I am not the most organised person.  I do try to have some sort of organisation for my time – especially with the fibromyalgia needing me to manage my activity and rest.  So with the new attempt at this blog I decided to try and write weekly on Monday, with so the theory went, football on Saturdays and Wednesdays (and of course all other stuff in its own little slots)

Well, this has so far been one of those weeks where planning has flown out of the window.   Saturdays football match was normal, and came with a querie as to whether I could photograph a match Tuesday evening which is great.  Get home, hit the laptop ready for processing and publishing the photos wanting to get them out the same night as the match (another bit of new this season planning) and oh lovely a bunch of software updates comes down delaying getting starting followed by a bit of trouble with Lightroom settings meaning it took longer – but still managed to get it out late Saturday night (and in theory it should be easily possible to get it done after the matches on Saturdays).

Sunday I recieved an email asking my availability for some different teames including a pre season friendly on this Wednesday night.  This is great – better to have people asking me to shoot than being ignored lol – but getting busy.   Still planning writing the blog on Monday……..

So Monday morning wake up and get a message from Wiltshire 999s  a brilliant small local news service following emergency services in Wiltshire I am lucky to sometimes work with.  The message was about a crime scene in Trowbridge park – could I go over and take pictures.   Now I would at any time much rather be taking pictures than writing a blog,  plus I  thoroughly enjoy the opportunities to see the emergency service in action and work with the news service so I was out the door – for what turned out to be quite a long time.

I got over to Trowbridge to discover a significant amount of the park cordoned off with police tape and personel to make sure the tape was not ignored (and any officer or PCSO who has ever done such a duty deserves a drink for the sheer patience they show in remaining polite as person after person asks if they can go where the tape is preventing them – apparently tape saying “police do not cross” is not sufficient to tell people they cannot cross the tape).  At that point the police were not releasing any information – just that there had been an incident the night before.

When doing pictures for news – I do stuff for a stock/national news agency as well as work for Wiltshire999  – there are often particular and specific shots that are wanted – and sometimes like yesterday that can mean waiting around.  I got messages about a second possible scene which I quickly visited before returning to the park.  I was luckily able to get shot quite quickly but was then waiting for the scene to be processed.  This did not happen till the afternoon – and by lunch time I was being asked what was happening nearly as often as the PCSO on the cordon who I had been chatting with.  Lots of rumours were flying including understandable concern about novichok which the police were happy to put to rest.

In the early afternoon a group of officers and a handler with his dog arrived to conduct searches of the area cordoned.   It is always a great pleasure and a great privilege to watch police dogs work, something which has always fascinated me.  It is interesting too to observe how the police themselves conduct a search and I hope I was able to catch that in the pictures.  Once the search had been done the tape was taken down I headed home to work on the photos that I had not already sent in from the scene.  At the point I left I still had no idea what the scene was about because there had still not been a press release – I had to wait until I got home where I was able to read the story illustrated with the pictures I had taken to find out what it was aboout


And as for the plan to write blogs on Mondays – well this week it gets written on a Tuesday.



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