Yips defined by Wikipedia as “The loss of fine motor skills in athletes” or generally associated with golf has also been defined by the urban dictionary as “Over Thinking Something So Much You Become Unable To do It.”

I am guessing most people experience it in one way or another at some time in their life – when something they have previously been able to do to some sort of standard becomes seemingly overnight if not impossible then challenging beyond belief.

I mentioned last week about how even the small break between football seasons was enough to leave me needing practice to get my timing and anticipation back.  Talking to other photographers at least I am not alone in this.  Well a week further on and having taken pictures of more things than just football and it seems I have developed a minor case of “yips” .  I seem to have partially lost the instinctive link I develop with the camera.

Fortunately, in my case, not being a world class golfer with one make or break birdie put, it is something I can compensate for – it has happened before.  I seem to go through phases and plateus of skill improvement with occasional occurences of drop backs.  In practice it means I have to take more shots to get exactly what I am after – which means more work for me sorting and processing.  However I consider the challenge a good thing – it focuses me on what I am doing takes me back to basics (and we all have a habit of skimping on those lol) increases my over all experience which can be used to improve further in other areas.


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