Yes I know its Wednesday

Yes I know my stated plans are to blog on Mondays.

It turns out that last Monday (An unexpected day) was just the start of a mostly unplanned and manic week.

So on Tuesday I wrote the blog then sorted out ready for my planned evening of shooting Melksham Towns visit to Chippenham Park in a pre-season friendly at Hardenhuish Park.  I go over and get on with shooting as normal – towards the end of the first half I started getting messages on my mobile which I as usual ignored ready to check at half time.  As the first half ended the mobile actually started ringing with a call – not at all usual – which on answering turned out to be Wiltshire999s  telling me their had been an accident on Westbury white horse and could I possibly get there.  Having got plenty of shots of the game in the first half  I hastily made my apologies to both managers and left the game to head to the white horse where it turned out a paraglider had had a canopy failure resulting in spinal injuries and was being recovered from the steep hill side by the rescue team which included the coastguard helicopter winching a team member down.

Wednesday I had another planned football match in the evening, this time Chippenham Town Academy were visiting Corsham Town for a pre-season friendly.  It is always a pleasure to visit Corsham Town not least because of the chance to have a natter and pick up tips from their excellent experienced photographer John “Cuppy” Cuthbertson.  Now I will admit after 2 days of surprise news calls I was slightly twitchy, especially when the air ambulance appeared briefly overhead, but the match proceeded as normal and I shot as normal, posting the pictures the next day.

I  was planning a nice peaceful Thursday and Friday, looking forward to my next planned photography expedition to the wonderful Calne Bike Meet which is held every year when the town of Calne turns itself over to all sorts of motorbikes for the day.   Thursday was peaceful as planned but Friday afternoon the Wiltshire air ambulance came over and proceeded to land just up the road from my home.  It was grab camera bag and phone and run – there had been a fairly serious car accident at the traffic light controlled crossroads near me which I proceeded to photograph and send details to wilts999.

Saturday morning I was just preparing to have breakfast before making my leisurely way to Calne to photograph the bikes in the morning before travelling back to Corsham for another football match in the afternoon when I recieved another phonecall – could I get to Calne quicker as there was some sort of non-bike related incident on-going.   So missing breakfast once again off I charge to get to Calne and discover there had been a car chase and abandoment – I managed a couple of shots of the empty dog unit transport but that was about it so I concentrated on enjoying the bikes and trying to see as much as I could before moving to Corsham for the match between Corsham Town and Melksham town.

Sunday I settled down to trying to catch up with all the organization I had missed over the week – sorting the photograph files and folders, working out what images were to be sent up to the stock sites, with the theory that I would get everything sorted ready for a new week to start on Monday with everything caught up.  Except that was not going to happen.  Mid afternoon a message comes through – something was happening in Westbury could I go and see what it was.  This time it turned out to be a lady had recieved a package from Amazon which, when she opened it, contained not only the expected book but some white powder that burnt her finger.  Burns from unidentified white powder are concerning at the best of times but with the Novichok incident in the county still ongoing the emergency services were taking no chances.  After a bit of wait for the Hazmat testing team to find out what the powder was it turned out to be no immediate risk and was removed for further examination.

So in 7 days I have had 3 planned football matches, 1 planned bike day, and 4 unplanned breaking news shoots.

I have spent most of Monday and Tuesday resting up and in bed for parts of them – I am always aware of the fibromyalgia and weeks like this can cause serious symptom flare ups if I am not careful.


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