What I offer

Have you got an event, a sports match, a pet, a concert or a gig you would like photographed?

I am happy to come along to events and work to take both the shots you want - and the ones you maybe did not imagine.

Within 25 miles of Bradford on Avon there is no charge for me attending - although I always appreciate a nice cup of tea! If you would like me to travel slightly further afield it is £10 for every 25 miles or part of. Then I let my photos speak for themselves - people will buy the photographs they like.

Not sure if I am what you are after or have something different in mind? Please Contact Me and we can discuss your needs - if I cant help I can point you in the direction of someone who can.

A word on licencing and copyright

All images (and text) on this site are copyrighted to me (Starsphinx Photography) and cannot be reproduced without permission.

All images sold or available for download from this site are under a Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

What this means in Plain English

You cannot copy or reproduce (say by screen shotting) any of the content on this site without asking and/or paying.
If you buy or download an image for free you may copy and share the image as much as you like so long as you say where it came from (Starsphinx Photography), and do not use it to make money - say by charging people to look at it or using it to sell advertising.

What if I need more?

What if you want to do more with the picture - say put it in a newspaper (print or online) or make T-shirts or mugs to sell? What if you need images where you own full copyright? Please Contact Me to discuss your requirements and alternative licencing can be arranged although it will cost more.