Hi I am Estelle and I live in the lovely town of Bradford on Avon.  When I was around  30 years of age I developed problems with the condition fibromyalgia which forced me to greatly reduce my formerly energetic active lifestyle.  I started spending more time in creative activities including teaching myself basic web design.  In 2013  (seems much longer ago) I started visiting Longleat safari park regularly and became interested in photography.

To start off with I just wanted to get better pictures of the wonderful animals in the safari park but that rapidly deepened into  fascination as I started to learn the joining of technical and artistic elements that go into making a picture.  I treated myself to a Nikon D3200 and started to  develop as a serious hobbyist.  I took my camera everywhere with me snapping away at whatever interested me.  I also started to learn the unseen part of photography, that of developing and editing the scenes I captured to show them at their best.

In 2015 one of my sons started as a student at a local football academy and when I took the camera to a couple of his games to take his picture I was given the priceless opportunity to regularly attend the acadamy matches and learn some of the complexities of photographing football and sport in general.  I learned the challenges of fast, often unpredicable action, hugely varying light, and sometimes appalling weather conditions.

From these starting points I have slowly widened my areas of experience, learning and (hopefully) improving all the time.  Photography helps me get out and, at least connect with the action with which I can no longer join in with.  My main interests are sports (especially non league football), the natural world and public events. I consider life an infinite number of unique visual moments that can be frozen for memories or put together to tell a story. I love catching the action, revealing a moment missed or overlooked, or showing part of the story.

Head shot of Estelle

I much prefer being behind the camera!