Today (Sat 12th August) I travelled to Bulford Barracks to shoot Pulse Academy versus Salisbury Town making it my third game shoot in 4 days which is pushing it for the fibromyalgia. I took my youngest son with me to help out and using my spare camera to try and get some shots of me with a camera to replace the horrible shot on the "About me" page.  He was working with a wider angle lens and I also challenged him to  see if he could catch some different views of the match.
During shooting I felt my timing was off and found myself spending more time watching the match than I should (a problem for every photographer of sport is to get good shots you have to know the sport and if you know the sport you will find it hard to resist becoming a spectator.  If you are watching the action you are not taking pictures of it) due to tiredness.  Going through the shots however I am happy enough.


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